Boehner Announces Launch of New Website Focused on Helping Strengthen Republican House Majority

TeamBoehner.com seeks to engage Americans in House Republicans’ fight to help create jobs, stop runaway Washington spending

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced the launch of TeamBoehner.com, a new site and social mobilization platform focused on supporting Boehner and the Republican House majority’s efforts to help put Americans back to work.  Boehner released the following statement:

“Families and small businesses continue to struggle as a result of Washington Democrats’ failed ‘stimulus’ policies and they want a different approach.  Team Boehner will focus on engaging Americans in House Republicans’ fight for less spending, fewer taxes and greater freedom.

“As more and more Americans look online for news and information, Republicans have focused on utilizing new and better ways to connect with voters and build support for our GOP team.  Team Boehner’s social mobilization platform features the latest technology to leverage Facebook and Twitter and help supporters make a difference in the online battle of ideas.

“All year, House Republicans have been listening to Americans and acting on their priorities.  As we draw closer to the 2012 Elections, Team Boehner will be a key part of my efforts to strengthen our Republican House majority that’s holding the line in Democrat-run Washington against job-crushing tax hikes, more ‘stimulus’ spending and more red tape from unelected federal bureaucrats.”

NOTE:  TeamBoehner.com will be the center of Boehner’s online fundraising and communications efforts, connecting Boehner’s Facebook page (John Boehner), Twitter feed (@JohnBoehner) and a new @TeamBoehner account with the site’s unique social mobilization platform –  Team Boehner Action

The platform, designed to engage and micro-target conservative activists across the country through petition drives and special events, will feature exclusive content, including policy updates and political strategy memos for top supporters.  Badges, including a “Buckeye Badge” for Boehner’s Ohio supporters, can be earned through points awarded after completing a number of specific actions including sharing videos and liking Team Boehner on Facebook. 

TeamBoehner.com will complement Boehner's other fundraising and outreach efforts, which have helped raise more than $41 million for Republican members and committees already this year.    




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