One of the biggest threats to the economy right now is uncertainty — uncertainty over taxes, over regulations, over the future. We need to help provide job creators with the certainty they need to invest, grow and hire new workers.

Weekly Republican Address Highlights: Markwayne Mullin Says Washington Must Limit Unnecessary & Excessive Regulations to Bring Jobs Home

In today’s Weekly Republican Address, small businessman and Congressional candidate Markwayne Mullin calls for curbing Obama administration red tape that is “burying” small businesses and dragging on the economy, The Hill reports.  CNN reports Mullin’s “spoke about the challenges faced by his plumbing business,” saying “’Right now, I spend more than 40 cents of every dollar the company takes in on complying with regulations.”  According to UPI, Mullin said Mitt Romney and House Republicans “get it” and noted the House has passed several measures "to address excessive regulations that impose unnecessary costs and hurt jobs."

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Weekly Republican Address: Markwayne Mullin (OK) On Curbing Excessive Red Tape, Creating Jobs

Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, small businessman and Congressional candidate Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) discusses the impact that red tape has on his plumbing business, which spends 40 cents of every dollar it takes in on complying with regulations.  Mullin, who is running to represent the Second Congressional District in eastern Oklahoma, also touts the House-passed REINS Act as one way to curb excessive regulations and free up small businesses to help grow the economy and bring jobs home.

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Speaker John Boehner: The Choice This November Couldn't Be Clearer

Speaker of the House John Boehner made the following statement on tonight’s vice-presidential debate:

“Tonight, voters heard two distinct visions for the future of our country. Vice President Biden promised four more years of higher taxes, skyrocketing debt, and painfully high unemployment while Congressman Ryan outlined a plan for a real recovery that will create jobs, provide tax relief for the middle class, and clear the cloud of debt that is dragging on our economy.  The choice for Americans in November is a big one, and Paul Ryan detailed a clear vision for a prosperous, thriving economy that fosters private sector job creation and opportunity for all.”

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Speaker Boehner & Mitt Romney wish Paul Ryan Good Luck


Speaker John Boehner, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Rob Portman and Governor Mike Huckabee call Rep. Paul Ryan from Asheville, North Carolina, to wish him luck in tonight's Vice-Presidential Debate.  Photo by Bryant Avondoglio.

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Speaker Boehner Taps Small Businessman & Rancher Markwayne Mullin to Deliver Weekly Republican Address

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) today announced that Oklahoma small businessman and rancher Markwayne Mullin will deliver the Weekly Republican Address on Saturday, October 13.   

Small businesses continue to struggle in this weak economy, and all the taxing, spending and red tape coming from the Obama administration is only making things worse,” Speaker Boehner said.  “Markwayne Mullin has run a business and created jobs, and he understands the need to shut down the jobs-destroying red tape factory in Washington, DC. I’m looking forward to hearing Markwayne’s address, and, if elected, I know he’ll be a strong voice in the House for a smaller, more accountable, and less costly government.”

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Boehner Rallies Volunteers, Touts Chris Collins’ Jobs Background in Western New York

Yesterday was a GOP Super Saturday, and Speaker Boehner was on hand at a rally in western New York to thank volunteers making phone calls and going door-to-door for Mitt Romney and small businessman Chris Collins – who is locked in a dead-heat matchup with a Democratic incumbent in New York’s 27th District. Speaking outside Depew’s orphan victory center, Boehner highlighted Chris Collins’ background and experience, saying Chris understands the need to repeal ObamaCare, expand American energy production, and fix the tax code to lower rates, close loopholes and help bring jobs home.

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Boehner on D’Latinos TV: It’s Time to Elect a New President to Put People Back to Work

In Florida earlier this week, Speaker Boehner took a moment to speak with Naples-based Spanish cable station D’Latinos TV about jobs, the economy, and the importance of turning out to vote on November 6th. Video and a translation is included below:

Reporter: “Between all this political excitement leading towards the elections it is also important to acknowledge that Hispanics play an important role. And the Speaker gave a specific message regarding our participation.”

Boehner: “Hispanics number one priority are jobs, it’s that simple. I believe they are going to be able to see President Obama’s record and how he has failed to create jobs. It’s time to let someone else fix the economy and put people back to work.” 

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Join Speaker Boehner for Super Saturday in Western New York

Tomorrow is Super Saturday, and you’re invited to join Speaker Boehner and small businessman Chris Collins in Buffalo for a get-out-the-vote rally at the Western New York Victory Center.  Here are the details:

WHAT:    New York GOP Victory Rally with Speaker Boehner and Chris Collins
WHEN:    Saturday, October 6th @ 9:45 a.m.
WHERE:  Western New York Victory Center
               6363 Transit Road, Suite 540
               Depew, NY 14043
RSVP:      Please confirm your attendance to Sean McCormick at smccormick@nygop.org or 716-254-1329.
Chris is running a strong campaign for Congress centered around his plan to help create jobs, expand American energy, and repeal ObamaCare and its $716 billion in Medicare cuts that are threatening seniors’ access to quality care.  If you’re in the Western New York area and would like to attend tomorrow’s event, please be sure to RSVP to Sean McCormick at smccormick@nygop.org. 

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Dismal Jobs Report Underscores Need for New Leadership in Washington

Today’s dismal jobs report only highlights the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration – which promised that if a Democratic Congress passed their trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending binge, unemployment this month would decline to 5.6% - and underscores the need for new leadership in Washington, D.C.

Speaker John Boehner noted in a statement today that:
“While there is positive news in today’s report, job creation is far too slow and the unemployment rate is far too high. Administration officials said unemployment would be as low as 5.6 percent by now if Congress passed their ‘stimulus’ spending bill – instead, after four years of spending, taxing, and red tape, millions of Americans remain jobless, underemployed, or have simply given up looking for work. Wages are stagnant. Gas prices and health care costs are up. And economic growth is even lower today than in 2010 when the president said the ‘fiscal cliff’ tax hikes he now demands would mean ‘smaller paychecks’ and ‘fewer jobs.’
“We know what we need to do to get our economy moving. The House passed a bipartisan bill to stop all of the president’s tax hikes which, according to Ernst & Young, would destroy more than 700,000 jobs. We’ve passed dozens of jobs bills removing policies that hurt small businesses, begun the process of fixing our tax code to help bring jobs home, and outlined plans to reduce spending and save Medicare. Unfortunately, these bills remain blocked by Senate Democrats and a president who simply isn’t leading.
“Middle class families deserve better than perpetually high unemployment. We can strengthen our economy and help get the American people back to work – but it’s going to take leadership from the White House. And today, we’re just not seeing any.”
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