Speaker Boehner Votes in Ohio, Says Strong Turnout Will Carry Mitt Romney to Victory

At a media availability after voting this morning in West Chester, Ohio, Speaker John Boehner expressed confidence that strong voter turnout will propel Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to victory in Ohio.  Boehner also said the only question that remains in Congressional races is “How big is our House majority?” Video of Boehner’s remarks, as well as key excerpts, are included below:

Boehner Says Mitt Romney Will Win Ohio:

“I’ve never seen our team more energized from one end of the state to the other, and I’m feeling good about it.  I think Mitt Romney is going to win Ohio.  Especially if all our team gets out and votes.” 

Boehner: Election Hinges on Turnout, Belief That America Can Do Better With A Proven Job Creator in White House:

“It’s all about turnout, and I’ve never seen people so enthused on our side.  I’m a big believer that the American people vote with their wallets.  The President’s policies have failed, Mitt Romney is a proven job creator – understands the challenges that big government can mean to businesses in terms of their hiring.  Put all that together, it makes me feel good about our chances.”

Boehner Says Americans Are Hungry For Real Leadership: 

“Over the last two years, the Republicans in the House have listened to the American people and followed their will.  But we’ve had no cooperation from the Senate and no cooperation from the White House.  The President gets elected to lead our country, and what we really need is leadership.  And I think that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will bring that leadership that Americans are really hungry for.”