Speaker Boehner to President Obama: There’s no Mandate to Raise Tax Rates

With the election decided, Speaker Boehner urged President Obama this week to come together with the renewed Republican House majority to avert the looming “fiscal cliff” and bring jobs home.  To do that, Boehner made clear the President must scrap the small business tax hikes he’s demanded, saying “A balanced approach isn’t balanced if it means higher taxes on small businesses that are the key to getting our economy moving again.”  Below is additional coverage of Boehner’s address:

The Wall Street Journal reports “Mr. Boehner was clear that Republicans wouldn’t support raising tax rates.” “In fact, he said he wanted tax rates to be lower.” (Wall Street Journal, 11/7/12)

Newsmax  says Boehner “[drew] a line in the sand” on hiking taxes on the American people. “Instead, Boehner is willing to tame the soaring national debt and avert a bruising battle over the approaching ‘fiscal cliff’ by closing tax loopholes to raise government revenue and by cutting government spending and reforming entitlement programs. That is the way to help grow the economy and make the tax code fairer, Boehner said.” (Newsmax, 11/7/12)

On Fox News, conservative analyst Charles Krauthammer says Boehner is saying “what the debt commission Obama himself appointed had said.”  “Obama has a sort of religious attachment to the idea of raising rates. It’s agreed if you raise the rates you decrease economic activity and prosperity.” (Fox News, 11/7/12)

Hot Air blog says yesterday’s move was “Boehner’s way of preempting Obama and signaling to the public that he’s not opposed to all deals involving more tax revenue, just ones that involve rate hikes.”

Bloomberg News reports Boehner said his message “is not one of confrontation, but of conviction.”  “The president must be willing to reduce spending and shore up entitlement programs that are the primary drivers of our debt,” he said. (Bloomberg News, 11/7/12)

While the Republican House has passed responsible legislation to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ – a combination of jobs-destroying tax hikes and devastating defense cuts – and lift the cloud of debt that is hurting our economy, Democrats have so far refused to act.  In fact, some on The Left have entertained the idea of driving the economy over the cliff.  A memo from the Speaker’s office obtained by Fox News yesterday makes clear why that cannot be allowed to happen:

“The independent firm Ernst & Young has stated that going over part of the fiscal cliff — raising tax rates on small businesses by letting the top two tax rates expire, as President Obama proposes — will cost our economy 700,000 jobs. And the harmful ‘sequester’ – conceived in the White House to ensure President Obama could avoid dealing with the debt limit again before the presidentialelection – will slash national defense and endanger our security instead of making the common-sense spending cuts that are needed.” (Fox News, 11/7/12)

Nearly 50 days remain for Washington to act.  Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are ready to come together to reform the tax code and address the debt – but they won’t support raising tax rates on the American people.