National Journal: “John Boehner's Word of the Day: 'Resolve'"

This afternoon Speaker Boehner and House GOP leaders reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare and vowed to hold another vote to repeal the law – which is driving up costs and making it difficult for small businesses to hire.  National Journal has the story:

“‘I think the real outcome of today's decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure this law is in fact repealed,’ said Speaker of the House John Boehner. When pressed by a reporter if holding another repeal vote on July 11th was proof that Republicans were sore losers, Boehner repeated his word of the day: ‘Resolve.’

“‘There's a lot of resolve amongst our colleagues,’ he said.”

If you share Speaker Boehner’s resolve to see ObamaCare repealed, join Team Boehner and stand with us in the campaign for full repeal and common-sense, step-by-step reforms to protect jobs and lower costs. 


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