McMorris Rodgers: House GOP Women are Working for a Better Tomorrow

Democrats have gone to great lengths in recent weeks to try and distract the American people from the president’s economic policies that are hurting hard-working families – and women in particular.  Factcheck.org  says “according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that between January 2009, when Obama took office, and March 2012, there has been a net decline of 740,000 jobs for both men and women, and that among women there has been a net loss of 683,000 jobs.”  The Daily Beast reported last fall the number of women living in poverty had reached a 17-year high.

While President Obama focuses on gimmicks to prop up his reelect campaign, Republicans are taking on the issues the White House should be talking about: jobs and the economy. 

House Republicans have passed bill after bill from their jobs agenda – a Plan for America’s Job Creators – designed to get government out of the way of small businesses, address high energy prices and stop job-crushing tax hikes.

And this week, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) announced she is joining her fellow House Republican female colleagues in a new caucus that will continue offering additional solutions:

“As Republican women, we are uniquely positioned to promote common-sense, pro-family solutions because we know what it’s like for women all across this country.  We bring fresh perspectives and efficacious solutions to the table.  We are working together every day to create jobs, reduce spending, help small businesses, and put health care decisions back into the hands of the people.  While our backgrounds are different, one thing is not: we are all conservative reformers – committed to leaving America better for our children and grandchildren than it was for us.”

Check out Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers post, and an accompanying video, at Red State.


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