CNBC Analyst: ObamaCare is Bad for Jobs & Small Businesses

Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision, CNBC’s Jim Cramer this afternoon reiterated what many small businesses across the country have been saying for months – ObamaCare is hurting their ability to grow and hire. 

Kramer says:
“I think this is just a terrible decision, people, for the possibility of more employment for this year.  Look, this is not a great thing for small business and I think that the market is afraid that small business will lay off people and I think that the market is taking it overall right in that this is just another reason why you should not hire and another reason why you should fire.”  
Americans remain very much opposed to ObamaCare’s tax hikes and mandates that are hurting job creation and driving up costs.  Speaker Boehner and House GOP Leaders this afternoon announced that the House will again vote to fully repeal the law in the days ahead.  For more on that, click here