13 States, 23 Days: Speaker Boehner Takes Jobs Message Coast to Coast for the GOP

Today marks day 12 of Speaker Boehner’s barnstorming tour for House Republican members and candidates, and we’re in Salt Lake City for Mia Love.  We’ll have more about our stop for Mia here on the Team Boehner blog later this afternoon, but with more than half of the August tour in the books, we thought you might enjoy a recap from the road.  Here’s the scoop:

Boehner and the GOP are “playing offense” this August, aiming to “make gains by snatching Democratic seats.” 

>> “The GOP is playing offense, according to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner” and “The big issue for the election is no secret: Jobs, jobs, jobs.”  (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 8/4/12)

>> Politico reports Boehner has embarked on an aggressive “47-event swing through the country..” this month, covering “13 states before the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida” for House members and challengers including Maggie Brooks (NY), Mia Love (UT), Jason Plummer (ILL) and Tony Strickland (CA).  (Politico, 8/13/12)

>> “Nationally, Boehner said the GOP is poised to pick up House seats.” (Rockford Register Star, 8/10/12)

Small businessman Boehner is making President Obama's "If you have a business, you didn't build that" remarks a central component of his summer message, which contrasts the president's harmful tax, spend and regulate agenda with the GOP's vision of freedom and pro-growth reforms.

>> “’When I was laying in bed worrying about whether the accounts receivable the next day was going to be enough checks come in so I can meet the payroll, I don’t remember Barack Obama laying next to me holding my hand,’[Boehner said.” (Politico, 8/13/12)

>>  "’Many of you in this room know what it's like to take the risk and go out there and make it on your own, find customers, build a business, to hire people so they can take care of themselves and their family,’ Boehner said.” (Alton Telegraph, 8/13/12)

>> “‘When it comes to how the real world works and how jobs are created, that’s just not [President Obama’s] strong point,’ Boehner said. ‘He doesn’t understand the relationship between employers and employees.’” (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 8/4/12)

>> “’That's because [President Obama] has never had a real job and has never run anything,’ [Boehner said.]” (Omaha World Herald, 8/11/12)

Boehner is praising Mitt Romney for his bold pick in Paul Ryan – a reform-minded conservative who understands the types of pro-growth policies that are needed to create jobs and stop our spending-driven debt.

>> “’I'm proud of Governor Romney…’ Speaker Boehner said. ‘[H]e picked someone that will help him, help his ticket and the two of them can help fix our economy and our country." (WFXS-Wausau, 8/11/12)

>> “Paul Ryan understands that the central issue that we have to deal with is our economy.  And then when it comes to dealing with our debt crisis, probably nobody worked harder to develop policies to deal with our debt crisis than Paul Ryan” (FOX News, 8/13/12)

>> “’I'll tell you what — I'll put Paul Ryan in a debate with Joe Biden any day,’ Boehner said.” (Associated Press, 8/14/12)

>>   “[Boehner] added, ‘[Romney] could’ve taken the safer choice, taken a different route, but he decided to what I would describe, make a bolder pick and really show people that we are on offense.’” (Politico, 8/13/12)