John Boehner likes to say that he’s a regular guy with a big job.

Growing up in a blue collar town outside Cincinnati, Ohio, John learned the value of an honest day’s work mopping floors and waiting tables at his father’s tavern – a lesson that would stick with him as he went on to work his way through college, raise a family and run a small business.

Today, too many hard-working families like John’s are getting the short end of the stick under Washington Democrats big-government policies.

Team Boehner is designed to connect John with the millions of Americans who understand that the bigger our government gets, the smaller its people become. Funded through a joint committee comprised of John’s Ohio-based re-elect campaign and his Freedom Project political action committee, TeamBoehner.com is focused on supporting John and his fight for a smaller, more accountable and less costly government.

Here at TeamBoehner.com, you can access the latest information on House Republicans’ efforts to get our economy back to creating jobs again, engage with fellow conservatives, and join a team that’s dedicated to making America a more prosperous country for all.

Republicans in Congress face serious challenges as President Obama’s political machine gears up in advance of the 2012 elections. Special interest groups and Washington Democrats will target House Republicans for making the tough decisions necessary to help create jobs, cut government spending, and deliver on the American people’s priorities.

If House Republicans are to stop President Obama’s job-crushing policies, we need the resources needed to fend off attacks from Washington Democrats and press on with our conservative, pro-jobs agenda. So what are you waiting for… join the team!